Embracing tradition, memories, and reconciliation for intercultural and cross-generational empowerment and transformation​

This iterative project involves the translation, analysis, and archiving of historical records of Tenryumura, a mountain village in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Tenryumura is a community whose history includes a complex and acknowledged role in wartime Japan; and a desire to understand and keep this history, and its lessons, known. The project relies on the expertise of Translation and Interpretation (TI) and Translation Localization Management (TLM) students at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, and the scope and goals of the project are being developed in collaboration with, and at the request of, leaders of Tenryumura. 

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This page serves as a platform to archive and showcase historical documents provided by the village, as well as their accompanying translations.

Tenryu Village

Tenryu Village, or Tenryumura, is a small village in the rural mountains of Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The Middlebury School in Japan has maintained a close partnership with the village for over five years.

Conflict Transformation

Conflict Transformation is a field of study, a theory, and a framework through which we can promote constructive change. This project is carried out through this lens and advances the Conflict Transformation mission at Middlebury College. 

Meet the international team of leaders, translators, and other contributors who have supported and made this project a reality.

Tenryumura History Project